TV Series That Will Say Goodbye To Us In 2019

In 2019, some TV series will say goodbye to the screens. Among the shows to say goodbye are TV shows with millions of followers from around the world. If you want to see which TV series will say goodbye to the screens in 2019.

Game of Thrones

True Detective


Mr. Mercedes

Mayans MC ( 2018- )

One of the common ideas about psychotherapy is that it is primarily for dealing with major emotional problems, behavioral problems or challenges such as marital conflicts.

But many people, including actors, consult therapists to help them better understand themselves and be more emotionally free and creative.

They generally work to produce real people and many talented actors even say that therapy is part of their job in a way.

Jane Alexander notes that actors must be students of human behavior and "the language of all that is human."

To really learn the nuances of that "language," many actors continue to explore their inner lives.

Being in touch with deep emotions is part of what makes powerful performances.

Larry Moss, an actor for Helen Hunt, Hilary Swank and many others, points out that actors are challenged to open up their emotional lives, and that it is the only way to be good at acting.

Heather Graham is one of many actors open to using therapy, and has said it helps more than actor class. "You realize why you work in certain ways."

Therapy can also help actors with relationship problems or painful life events, just as it can for non-actors. But unlike others, actors usually have to keep working no matter what they go through.

After the breakup of her marriage to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston said she thought therapy was "an incredible tool for training the self on the self."

Working with a sensitive therapist or counselor, actors can learn not only about themselves and their own problems, but how problems affect other people and how emotions create behaviors that can be used in acting.

Like many actors who use the experience as a strategy to feel better, Maggie Gyllenhaal says she started therapy without a specific reason, and that she has gained more awareness of the side of herself in addition to the intellectual, and is more capable of accessing to her unconscious.

And many artists, such as director Mike Nichols, say that being in touch with our unconscious is a necessity for strong creative work.

One of the concerns that actors and other creative people may have regarding therapy is that it "will destroy your spontaneity" or that it "shatters your imagination" or that a therapist will try to make his client "normal" and choke their unique characteristics.

Actress Katy Selverstone does not agree, saying that her therapy was never about making her normal, and that "there is no such thing as normal" in any case.

One of the basic psychological needs to be a strong player, someone with presence and power, is to have self-confidence and therapy help many people with it.

Claire Danes has commented that her therapist gives her permission "to accept that I am human."

Jennifer Jason Leigh has been in therapy since the age of twenty, summarizing why it can be a useful tool for an actor: "I think the more you know about your own psyche, the more you can know about other people and play them better. "