Singer HD 110 Heavy Duty sewing machine review

The Singer HD 110 sewing machine is a professional machine with a powerful motor that can sew at very high speeds. It also has a heavy metal frame with stainless steel plate for extra durability and a large acrylic extension table that gives you room to maneuver large projects. There is another attachment for the table that will help you sew perfect circles.

Threading of the machine is easy to use with the best drop-in bobbin, automatic needle thread and automatic bobbin. There are a total of ten stitches, the ability to adjust the stitch length and width as well as the ability to change the position of the needle. Singer HD 110 heavy duty machines contain a variety of presser feet (all purpose, buttonholes, zipper, invisible zipper, 1/4-inch, blind home, special use), extension table, bobbin hats, bobbins and a twin needle.

Singer HD 110 Heavy Duty Specifications

  • High speed motor – sew 1100 stitches per minute
  • Heavy metal frame
  • Bed plate in stainless steel
  • Circular stitching capacity
  • Singer HD 110 – Limited 25-year guarantee
  • Weight 16 pounds; 16-inch by 6-3 / 4-inch and 12-inch

Singer HD 110 Heavy Duty Reviews
We found some mixed reviews for Singer HD 110 sewing machine. The reviewers who like the machine were very impressed with how fast it is sewn and several said it is as fast as an industrial machine. It is very easy to install with the automatic needle string system and sew beautiful straight stitches. The machine has the power to sew through heavy fabrics such as denim and an owner even uses it to sew heavy dog ​​collars. Some quotes from the owners are "It is an absolutely fantastic machine" and "The machine lives up to all my expectations. I am very satisfied."

On the negative side of things, many people said that the Singer HD 110 Heavy Duty sewing machine is not as heavy as Singer claims. Although the frame is made of metal, the casing is made of plastic as well as the needle holder, bobbin holder and some of the presser feet. One owner said that the machine sews very quickly but that it does not have enough pressure in the presser foot or feed mechanism to support the engine speed which can cause the fabric to stop while the machine continues to sew away. There were some reports of poor Singer customer service and it can be difficult to get someone on the phone.

After reading many reviews of the Singer HD 110 Heavy Duty, we think it is best for someone on a budget looking for a machine without frills that can sew very quickly through heavy fabric and does not need any nice seams.

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