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#marvel #mcu #guardiansofthegalaxy

You probably didn't know that there are really only three different types of male and female vocals. Most men are tenors. There are some differences in the tenor range, but some tenors prefer a higher range, while other tenors tend to hover at the lower end of the scale, but a majority of your male singers are still classified as a tenor.

The ideal singing tenor is the one with higher reach. This tenor is usually referred to as the model register. A good model registry tenor should be able to reach a note that is a solid two F & # 39; s higher than the center C.

Although most men are, of course, tenors, there is more to actually singing tenor than opening your mouth and singing some bars of your favorite song. Learning to properly sing tenor parts takes time, training and dedication.

Learn to read music

Sometimes you belong to an incredible singer who does not know how to read music, it happens, but only rarely. You will have a much easier time singing tenor if you know how to read music. The good news is that reading music is not difficult and it is something you should be able to learn fairly quickly.

Get a keyboard

If you are really serious about becoming a singer, you will need to invest in a good keyboard. This keyboard will be an important tool to help you learn all about singing tenor.

Remember that just because you have a keyboard will not do anything for you unless you know how to play it. You should really invest in some basic piano lessons. Not only will the lessons teach you how to effectively use your keyboard, they will also give you a better understanding of music in general. The best music teacher will not only be able to learn how to play the keyboard properly, but can also help you hone your voice as well.

Once you have learned the basic skills you need to play on the keyboard, you can use it to start training your ear and your voice. The best way to do this is to work through the tenor scale, starting from the middle C. Your goal is to be able to match your voice with all the notes.

Get some music

Next time you are at the music store you want to look for some music that will help you become a better singing tenor. You want to look for compositions written for tenor. What you don't want to do is look for complicated pieces. You want to look for simple pieces that will be easy for you to sing while also playing on the keyboard. You can gradually work your way up to more complicated pieces as the ear to match your voice to the notes improves.

Take advantage of music programs

If you are still in school and want to hone your skills as a singing tenor, you should take advantage of the school's music program. Even if your school only offers bands and does not run, you should still sign up. The experience not only lets you make lifelong friends, but it will also teach you a lot about creating music as a group and learning how to harmonize.

If you are not attending a school with a music program, you should see if there are any community programs or consider joining a church.