How to Defeat Victim Mentality After Your Husband Cheated on You: Stop The Pain …

How to Defeat Victim Mentality After Your Husband Cheated on You: Stop The Pain From Eating Away at Your Soul, Begin to Live Like a Survivor • After The Affair – Infidelity Healing

Unfortunately, the trend in movies today, especially for the big budget movies is to continue a franchise that made money in the past and because of this the risk is less so Hollywood continues to make more of the same movie to complete the series.

Right now, the worst example of the Hunger Games franchise is, for me, the worse condition I have ever seen for any book or movie idea. The film is about a time in the future where there is a video game show where young children kill each other. The first movie "The Hunger Games" was the worst of the three films in showing children who killed children throughout the franchise and in one case this movie showed a teenager who killed a toddler who was maybe 10 years old. The second movie was not as bad as they had older children in the TV series but it still showed violent scenes with young adults. I have always been surprised that such a concept could have become so popular with children who have given a series of Hunger Games books and how three great films.

In my opinion, the third Hunger Games movie was by far the worst of the 3 but even though this movie made a huge amount of money. This movie had no definitive video game show at the end where young children killed each other but what it had was a long confusing movie about a "Mochingjay" and if you didn't read the books you would have no idea what the movie was about a Mochingjay. This movie was long, very boring and I surprised myself that I could sit through it as long as I did.

The problem with Hollywood is both very unfortunate but understandable. The managers know because of the popularity of a children's book that they have built in revenue. If the first film in the series is very successful, this will guarantee many more of the same type of film. A good example of this is the Harry Potter books and subsequent films, which were just entertaining for people who loved the books and for me I thought all the movies were long and very boring. In the end, Hollywood is all about making money and now it becomes too risky to invest a lot of money to make a movie that is both original, groundbreaking and costs a lot of money. I see no solution to this problem and I hope this does not lead to a film world where we will only see films that are part of a franchise and films that are only made because they were popular as children first & # 39; s book.