Five unsolved mysteries about the theater

British theater history is full of mysteries, thanks to its long (and not always illustrative) history.

In fact, it is only in recent decades that theater has become an acceptable pastime and theater tickets have become popular gifts for families and children. Before that, it covered shady theater history and its association with low entertainment and a fresher underground theater and the people who participated in it in mystery.

Here are five mysteries that still haven't been solved …

  1. Will Real Will Shakespeare stand up? – Although many scholars and audiences agree that the pieces written by William Shakespeare are among the finest examples of drama in English, there is little evidence that the man we know by this name actually wrote them! Some have suggested that contemporaries like Christopher Marlowe may have written down these scripts, but the real answer to the question of who the real author was is still wide-ranging debate.
  2. Who was the first actress allowed on stage? – Some cite Margaret Hughes (1630-1685) as the first "actress", in an era when women were universally banned from the stage and female roles were played by boy actors, but Anne Marshall – who worked between 1661 and 1682 – has some evidence to promote her status as the first female actress. Sure, both women showed up on stage at the end of the 1660s in Shakespeare plays, but the exact question of who was the first has never been answered.
  3. Was the famous theater killer Richard Arthur Prince really mad? – Prince was convicted of the sensational murder of 1898 by an actor in the London Beach Theater, but was not considered responsible for his actions. But was Prince really incapable of determining right from wrong? The judge thought so, but Prince was still jailed for the murder. An even greater mystery is why this case, which captured the imaginations of so many at that time, was never turned into a true mystery game! Sure, lots of people would buy theater tickets for this kind of story.
  4. What is the modern theater group looking for? – This is the question that every producer, writer, director and actor in British theater wants to know the answer to – the million pound question. What makes theater such a fleeting and wonderful experience, and separates shows that make huge amounts of money from those who fail within months, or spend weeks touring dark rural places? Why the interest? To figure out how to sell theater tickets for the public can earn the person who solves this mystery a fortune.
  5. Where is British theater going? – In recent years, the emergence of elaborate "ensemble" work – called "playwriting by committee" – has preceded the single author play. The most famous example is probably the Scottish National Theater "Blackwatch". Is this a new direction for theater?

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