Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3 (of 6) As Ozymandias begins to foment his evil ma…

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3 (of 6) As Ozymandias begins to foment his evil master plan, The Comedian comes calling…and the results are unforgettable. NOTE: This series contains material suggested for mature readers.

Every time I want to go out and watch a movie, either on my own, with my wife or as a family, I have the privilege of having cinemas near me that work with my budget, my taste in movies and my desire not to have to travel too far for a nice night out. But there is one of these theaters that gives me a little more bang for the buck, and at a time when we are all trying to get our budgets to stretch a little longer, getting more for less is always a winning combination.

It was a time when it was quite difficult to find a cinema that met all your needs. In fact, the entire movie industry really began to feel the splash of losing customers to streaming services and other forms of entertainment. The real charge came when the former customer was asked why they stopped going to the movies. The most common answer? Many of them felt as if they were undervalued as a customer. They were the smart consumers they were, they were looking for entertainment elsewhere.

Cinemas like the ones closest to me that I love responded with more options for customers to feel special. A theater I like to visit the most serving beer! Yes, you heard right - beer! Not only is it exciting, but I can actually walk in the lobby and see the brewery on site doing its thing. Isn't that the wildest thing? I don't have to settle for a soda. Also, the whole idea of ​​film food is upside down here. In the past, you treated candy and popcorn, but now you have a real kitchen staff who creates fantastic meals. We talk pizzas, salads and elements, gourmet burgers and some cool twists on old favorites. As if it couldn't be any more amazing - you can get food and drink while watching a movie!

Finally, it is the little ways that these theaters have really surpassed trying to make me feel welcome. If I happen to have a night on my own, there are plenty of good drink and meal options to choose from. Although I wish it was more often, my wife and I can enjoy an excellent night out. Sometimes it can include a movie we are both eager to see, and sometimes it is just a good alternative to eating an adult beverage and a good meal that we did not need to prepare. If I have managed to get the kids and wife out of the house, I have no problem finding first-rate movies to choose from, and the menu options available are first-rate and work for all ages.

In short, the best cinemas near me all offer something extra - peace of mind. I know I'm in good hands when it comes to killer menu options, a great atmosphere and somewhere where everyone in my family feels welcome.