Alguien me ha dibujado de una manera muy especial y con un talento increíble. …

Alguien me ha dibujado de una manera muy especial y con un talento increíble. 🖤 @albertsoloviev eres magia 💫


What is a talent agency? A talent agency is a company that finds jobs for its customers. Talent agencies place main talents in feature films, films, TV, advertising, voice-overs, internet, video games, modeling etc. A talent agency hires talent agents who represent their talent / artists on a talent list (it's basically a list of their customers). As I've heard the best explained is a talent agency like a store. And that store products are the & # 39; s talent. Just think of corridors and corridors of interesting people instead of shampoos and conditioners. In our case, we are interested in artists, but not singers, musicians or models. We are zero in on the film industry and in particular actors.

Now back to the store. Casting directors (CD's) are buyers. They are hired by production companies (the producers) to find talent. The casting managers go to the store shelves at the talent agency who are looking for talent. They either ask for the actors they know, go online and look for talents that match the description of the characters they have hired to find or talent agents look for breakdowns online and hand over their actors to the actors. In any case, it is necessary that an actor has a talent agent and thus belongs to a talent agency.

An actor may show up on the odd open casting call, or find the odd audition published on Craigslist, but it's usually for a non-paying gig or only after the actual actor's talent pool has been exhausted. Unrepresented talent, that is, an actor without an agent, can submit itself online, but it's hard to get yourself started. An unrepresented actor has a real upside when it comes to booking jobs. An actor with an agent has undergone a selection process, has been chosen to represent their talent agency and has been to several auditions and redials. How will the newcomer compete with it?

So every actor needs a talent agency and every talent agency has employees called talent agents (sellers) and all talent agents represent actors on their own list. Talent agents usually find talents through referrals or direct submission to the agency from wannabe artists.

How do I find a talent agent?

1. Decide what kind of spectacle you want to get into. Will you choose main games in feature films (Brad Pitt), movies, TV, advertising, voice-overs, internet, video games, modeling etc.

2. Determine if the agent will fit well in your career plans. You start a business here, (hence the name show business) so take it seriously. Remember: If you don't plan; you plan to fail.

3. Ask the important questions. Are they agency licensed / franchised? Are they experienced? How long have they been in the business? Are they BBB approved? Etc.

4. Interview some agents (if possible) in your quest to find the right fit. You & # 39; Do the same if you hire a roofing contractor to replace your leaking tired roof.

5. Is the agent the right seller representing your & # 39; brand & # 39;? (Brand --- think ketchup).

When you have some future talent agencies in mind, contact some of them to see if they accept posts. If they are, note their submission policy. Follow their letter requirements and put together a handout package that screams & # 39; you need me Mr. agent call me. & # 39;

What should your actor registration package include?

1. A photo - a professional main photo (8x10) and body photo (optional). The kids can use a school photo or some snapshot taken in the garden.
2. A CV - mark your education and / or education, work experience, qualities and achievements.
3. A DVD performance - this is you on tape - does it well!
4. A cover letter - state your interest in their representation.

Note: Follow the agency's policy for submission to a tee. Follow them up a week after you think they have received your package. If they would rather not follow up, do not follow up. If they want all material to be sent via email / links, do so. After a sufficient time has passed on to your second choice. How long? Give them a few weeks; agencies are really busy if they are good.

Super tips:

  • Use a colorful envelope or interesting stamps.
  • Send the package's registered mail so it must be signed for. That way, you know that your package has been received and more than likely opened.
  • Stand out from the crowd! Be original with your materials, procedures, correspondence etc.

There are various agents and agencies that represent different types of talents. There are agencies / agents for extra / background performers, main talent, voice-over talent, theater actors, etc. Most actors are exclusive to an agency or agent or to a discipline, specialty or type of work. There are still actors who do everything. They are & # 39; signed across the board. & # 39; They do everything. And there are also many actors who have one agency for extra work and another for main work, or voice-over work, etc.

What do talents look for after actors? They are looking for clients who are confident, personal, talented, pleasant and fun. They long for individuals to walk through their door or get through their mailbox or cyberspace windows with a certain & # 39; look & # 39; character or where & # 39; It's just something I like with him, but I can & # 39; t put your finger on it. It is undeniable that & # 39; appearance & # 39; is the most important factor in an agent's decision to take a new client. No one can really say what & # 39; appearance & # 39; is, but when they see it they know.

Talent agents also:

  • Meet with potential customers.
  • Network and advertise their actors to various local, national and international casting agents for country auditions, redials and bookings
  • Schedule screens, auditions, redials and bookings between casting directors and actors / performers.
  • Agents also organize and take care of all the necessary travel arrangements.
  • Accept payment on behalf of the customer, and after all the deductions have been reported, you must pay a check.

So, if you had a talent agency that represents you? You can look forward to being sent out at auditions and re-calls and score roles in commercials, TV shows and / or films you were sent to. I probably don't need to mention what's coming next. I will give you a tip, it has something to do with money, success and dreams. Oh, there I go, I said too much!

To finish, find a talent agency that can help you and in return you can help them. Treat your association as a reliable partnership. The more successful you become, the more successful your agent becomes and the more money you both earn.